One day you will retire. You won’t be going to work. You won’t have office power any more. No influence or at best, a reduced influence. Your cash flow will also reduce! Check retirement date on your payslip.

Always go for your 30days annual leave. Whatever you do during your leave, is what you will be doing when you retire. If all you do is to sleep or watch TV, then that’s what you are likely do do in your retirement. Remember the book of Proverbs. A little sleep and a little slumber, so shall your poverty multiply.
Watching Big Brother will not save you heartache in retirement. Learn a trade or a skill during your leave. It will come handy. Spend your after-office hours learning something. Don’t spend it sleeping, Gossiping, watching TV!! Same goes for your weekend. Make them productive. You will thank yourself for spending your time productively.

Invest for your retirement… your children are not retirement investment. Don’t bank on your children’s support or the support of friends or relations. That’s a BIG risk. It may not happen. Be ready to take care of yourself!! Everyone has his own responsibilities. They won’t be able to help you that much. You will also lose your dignity and respect if you adopt a life of begging.

Start a hobby early in your working days to take you along when you retire. Rearing chicken, farming or own a shop. Acquire marketable skills (not useless paper certificates), etc.

Where shall you retire. Build yourself a home. Don’t retire and start to rent a house or refuse to vacate government house. You will be at the mercy of your landlord at a time when your cash flow is not only reduced but unpredictable!!

Who shall be your dependants. By the time you retire, your children should be above 18, and self reliant.

Don’t retire and stay in a big city unless you can TRULY afford it. You can’t continue living in a big city after 60 with limited financial resources. The language and the hustle will be hard for you. Where possible, Relocate to a less expensive town where your reduced take home (pension) can go further.

Have property which can be rented or converted into cash. Have shares that pay good dividends. Plant cash trees. Rear goats, cultivate vegetables etc. these activities will not only give you income but will also keep you healthy.

Live a simple life. If you never built a house at your rural home, dont use your retirement package to build. It is unwise unless you plan to live there on a permanent basis or you are super rich and therefore can afford the luxury. The choice is yours.

Note that many of retirees die early because of the following:

1. They are Not mentally prepared to retire.
2. Lack of finances
3. They Lapse into Depression
4. They develop Hypertension/ Diabetes because of worries, anxiety and uncertainty and financial pressures.


Practical Communication

Parents the mirrors of society.

Am not here to share the only approved parenting manual/strategies but to share my personal opinions about parenting. I greatly appreciate and respect the roles that each parent plays in nurturing the next generation.

The first communicators to children are neither schools nor teachers but we the parents at home.

Let’s dive deep into this sensitive but realistic topic.

We parents are the mirrors to our children and they mainly copy and paste our attitude and characters, take note, 10-20yrs from now to a larger extent you may see your attitude and characters in your children’s life.

Lets look at these unearthed realities of life, when you abuse or insult your wife or husband before your children you are directly giving them a greenlight to abuse and insult other people you inclusive simply because you showed them that it breaks no ice.

Quote me right, to a bigger percentage barking parents groom barking children, lying parents groom lying children, short tempered parents groom short tempered children, extravagant parents groom extravagant children, Alcoholic parents groom alcoholic citizens since your actions talk more than your words in their lives.
Cautious and good parents groom good children that end up becoming admirable and desired citizens in all aspects.

There is no nation that will ever groom your children better than you the parents.

Acknowledging that something went wrong and saying sorry doesn’t make you an inferior parent but it only teaches your children that in life we are all humans bound to make mistakes and we should acknowledge them.

Always delaying to go back home while hanging out with your friends after work teaches your male children to do the same and disconnects you from your them at an early age regardless of your valid reasons of staying out late.

Parents fighting before children or husbands beating their wives in the presence of their children grooms monsters that will always believe that beating others is a solution to solving family or community conflicts and a bigger number of such children end up becoming husbands that beat up their wives in future and if they happen to become leaders those are the leaders that believe in beating citizens instead of dialogue.

Always blaming their mother or father in the sight teaches them how to become experts in blaming, since we are not angels we should learn to accommodate each others weaknesses and work on them without taking issues out of proportion, remaining composed in a hard situation teaches your children to always do the same and blame less.

Finally, when children don’t see you having any spiritual belief you neither go to church nor mosque, they never see you kneeling down to pray or you don’t pray as a family that’s how they will grow up knowing that GOD doesn’t exist and with that they have to settle every matter by themselves without hearing what GOD has to say.

We can all strive to become exemplary parents.

Kindly feel free to share some of your best parenting strategies with us or from your culture or society because two or more experiences are better one in grooming an informed generation.

Thank you for your time 🤝🏿.

Social Capital

There is something in life called “Social Capital.” The people you know; the people who know you and how they know you.

Quite unfortunately, people think or behave like social capital is only needed on weddings and burials. That is why you see someone will not have contacted you in ten years but out of the blue they are sending you a message, “Hello so and so, long time. Btw, next Sunday is my pre-wedding. I need your support.”!

Social capital is not built overnight; it is reciprocal and does not need money (especially in this virtually connected world) to build. It just needs being sensitive that people have emotions and that you can’t sneak into their lives only when you need help.

Social capital is massively important and when built and used correctly, it can make a very big difference to one’s quality of life. It can save you money, make you money, get you a better job, make things easier and safer, it can save you from prison, or save your life: it can save you time and effort, and make life more enjoyable and productive.

As we progress through the year, please learn to connect with people in your circles. Check on people, send someone a birthday message, check their timelines and comment something positive and inspirational. Pick your phone and call someone, or text them. It could be your relative, your colleague, your former schoolmate, a former or current boss, your CEO, your parents etc.

Creating a connection with people is important for building your social capital. And even if they don’t respond, at least keep in touch and don’t just reach out when you are in need.

Most importantly, respect everyone no matter their status in life and be there when others need you. Be a solution, an encouragement and inspiration. Avoid being a leech, a user or nagger. Just be a nice person who in a calculated way stays in touch with people and brings joy, encouragement and hope.

The most important asset you have in life is not your job, money or title; its people. Your network is your networth.

Keep blessed

Four sensitive body parts in women you need to master for a happy relationship.

LIFESTYLE– A female’s frame might look like a mining area. At the right spot, she will groan. In the correct vicinity, contact her. Stimulate your belly with a finger, run down your toes.

At this point, allow me to take a bit interest in girls. Many people who push aside girls matters, don’t have knowledge of the most sensitive parts of women.

The Tee Hostins.

1. The Hair.
Ladies virtually like this, particularly whilst you contact their hair, when you recognize their hair. It’s best common. It’s simply traditional. When your spouse is tormented, she simply desires a sensitive touch.

2. The Ears.
There are many touchy spots on this small area of your body and sensitive touch, which might be fascinating when properly contacted. Ask your complicity to research the C-moulded form of your ear carefully and a few pleasant kisses and remedies may even assist the fireplace. When infiltration is mixed with it, the climax also can be upgraded.

3. The neck.
The neck is the a part of the frame that assured and promoted the thoughts, because men have to continually touch the neck of the woman and every now and then frozen it to alleviate the pressure.

4. The Face.
This is the primary aspect, because you constantly need to maintain your excellent 1/2 perfect. It has to make her ability fantastic, and he or she is made-up-free. Don’t forget men fall in love with what they see. Always try to seduce or attract your partner. If you don’t do it he will get attracted somewhere then you blame your lazy self.

Therefore, this could be your chance to learn how to make your wife happy romantically for a happy relationship and even marriage.


Emily’s First Day At School

Emily went to bed dreaming of the adventures that would take place the next morning. It would be her first day of school.

Emily woke up early in the morning and get ready for the school. She hurried to the breakfast on a table where her breakfast was ready. She ate happily. She was very excited for the classroom activities.
Emily and her mom and dad rushed to the stand where other kids were waiting for the bus. Kids talked about the fun they were going to experience at school.
The bus stopped at the corner. All the kids climbed into the bus. She waved goodbye to her mom and dad as she moved towards the bus.

Emily’s mom and dad also waved her goodbye as she started for her school. They were excited too for the first day of the school.
The bus stopped at the school after a short ride. The school was quite big. Kids were excited to see the school as they stepped out of the bus. All the children moved towards the entrance gate.
The teacher settled down Emily and her friends in the airy and bright classroom. After that the teacher gave her introduction. She told students about many activities they would do in the class.

The teacher told the student that they would study every day. She said that they would learn to read and write very soon. She told the children a very funny story and everyone laughed.
The teacher said, “we will start with alphabets. There are 26 alphabets. After that we will learn how to count numbers from 1 to 20. We will recite some poems and rhymes too.” “Hurray!” exclaimed the children,

Now it’s time for lunch. All the students gathered in the school cafeteria. Everybody chose his favorite lunch. They were free to talk. Emily picked up her favorite lunch and ate heartily.
When lunch time was over, children were free to go to the playground and have fun and play games. Emily and a few students played a game of Skipping a rope, Everyone said that Emily played very well.

After the game was over the teacher told students to draw and paint a beautiful art pieces. Students were given paper and colors. The teacher exhibited all the pictures on the wall. Emily painted a fruit tray.
It was the time to go to the library. All the students went there and picked up the picture story books. They tried to understand the story by watching the pictures. Emily also picked up a nice story book.

First day of the school was going to over now. The school bell rang. Emily bade goodbye to her teacher. It was such a nice and wonderful day. She learnt many new things.
All the students came out the school gate and said good bye to each other. Students boarded on the school bus. It was time to go to home. Emily said bye to her friends before she climbed on the bus.
She was very excited to share the wonderful experience of her first day at school with her Mom and Dad. They also wanted to hug her little girl and she was extremely happy.

What a nice day it was!

How do I ask her to marry me.

Casa opinions.

Hello, Dad!
I think I finally found her! The woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Because you told me to make a room for serendipity, and guess what! I did it and it worked out.

I mean she is different from every other girl I have been with, you know., From the very first time I kissed her, I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

She is the delightfully chaotic, beautiful master that sleeps out of heaven. And I must tell you, loving her has been the splendid adventure. Her eyes, her smile just burns right through my soul. And I want to ask her to be my wife today but I don’t know if I have the courage to do so.
What if she says no! I mean yes she loves me and I…

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