Since I can’t hate you, you and I love each other but we still do, only that our expectations are too high just because we are still young in love.
As a matter of fact, I , me and myself honestly still stuck on you so long as am living like one writer said, “Love is a battle and all you can do is to keep fighting until you win the battle.”

Sometimes its not what you think and not even what you see, life is just funny and in deed so funny sometimes. But to the side of reality and truth, just know that life not a bed of roses . And to be sincere, you are the bet thing I have ever had in my life, and o still need to enjoy the best fun of you the more and more.
Without others knowing in solitude I cried, memories of the past knot up my mind. Beneath the empty skies as the lights start to go on, I cal out my lover’s name as the world wind blows as I pull up my collars.

The regrets and anger make my tears flow again, if anyone had asked I pretended it didn’t hurt me, I feel it hot inside. Everything in the past were nothing but all lies ,but now its the real time to reveal the reality and truth between ourselves.

Now when I miss you, I will allow my heart to miss you and when I think of you, I will allow those thousand thoughts to remain in my mind. When the white snow falls and I think of my love standing in the field. I will go in search of her. The snow covered path opens up and these white snowflakes keep flying back up to the highest skies.

By Hostin Marvin

I Was Here!

Marvin, my student and friend, chose to pour his kindness to me on this street. Link is at the bottom of this blog. You see, life is so much, so that we are accustomed to it all; the rain and sunshine, in equal measure. But first, Beyonce is helping me speak what my fingers are […]

I Was Here!


My Teacher My Everything.

Dear, Barbra Nyamwiza

She is Barbara Nyamwiza

How are you doing today, hope all is well with you?
Am also doing good, this very day I come in a new style , a style of letting you know how hard life would have been without a teacher, mentor, friend/buddy like you.

I would like also to express my sincere thankfulness to you for a great work you did towards imparting knowledge in me during the times of wonderful lessons at campus and even now. I know I wasn’t a good student just because sometimes we( students) tend to be stubborn at times but you didn’t let me down just because your insghts helped me to go through to fresh up my minds up to the important level.
Your class and enthusiasm for the material made me genuinely excited to come to class. It helped me to find what truly wanted to do with my career. The worst part would come at time of doing some individual course works which would move mountains almost in all students but i was uplifted by your guidance during class time and outside class as well.

Thanks for the great semester, I loved the books we read ie; THINGS FALL APART , MINE BOY ( One of the short stories), which were my favorites, and the class meeting were always eye-opening, sometimes I would not need the lecture to come to an end but time could sum up all.
Thank you so so much for your passion for our profession and educating. I feel so lucky to have a lecturer like you, finding the just-right-challenge between pushing us to be better, encouraging us, and inspiring us as future leaders. You are appreciated, and hope you feel encouraged as an educator and proud of the work you’ve done with our class.

Thank you for you dedication, organization, enthusiasm and hard work. You are an inspiring lecturer.
May the good Lord who art in heaven make all your dreams come true just because you deserve it. Keep blessed and loved.


Hostin Marvin Atwiine.


During childhood, boys and girls segregate themselves voluntarily, group of school children are clearly made up of the same sex, in the classroom, boys sit together and girls sit together, at play, boys have their own games and so girls. If a girl looks for company of the boys then she is criticised by her own sex like wise when a boy joins a group of girls, he is the victim of insults and ridicule.

However, with the onset of puberty especially in secondary the scene changes completely, the physiological alterations bring with them, the awakening of affection, desire for company of the opposite sex grows. This experience is perceived to be one of the most pleasurable one’s of the adolescent stage.

The intensity of attraction is such that it is natural to FALL IN LOVE. Young people fall in love much more easily during adolescence; in reality this is a proof that they are on the road emotional maturity. Simply a look or special smiles can be trigger which unleashes the emotional experience and this can affect relationship to a mutual falling in love and when they reach 13-14 years old, they will notice that the emotional displeasure which you left for same sex begins to fade and you start being attracted to opposite sex which is completely normal and healthy process where by boys tend to admire girl’s physical beauty, faces and their feminine curves of their bodies, they also notice their manner of talking and behaving and they look for their company which makes time fly where they are with their lovely ones.

Girls on the other hand, although they respect the physical strength of males but also like height, voice and conduct similarly tend to be more romantic and they feel particularly attracted by boy’s friendliness by their sincere words of love and sense of humor when one is your teacher seems absolutely fantastic and if one thinks about him/her gets over taken by great pleasure and one’s heart beats fast or seems to melt which frequently means true love, where you evaluate your feelings to decide whether he or she is your long life companion.

By Hostin Marvin


(The short facts about Marriage)

Marriage is the legal relationship between a  man and a woman termed as husband and wife.

Marriage is an explanation of God’s will. God ordained marriage when He created Eva and gave her to Adam. A man cannot become a father without a woman everyone needs a destine helper.

Therefore, the secret to a happy marriage is communication, especially listening to your partner and discussing even the smallest issues. This can do wonders for a relationship.

To have a God – given  companion to share life with is a blessing.
Marriage requires combined effort to have stress free, financial planning and management. Transparency is a key factor in maintaining healthy balance in marriage.

With God Everything is possible.

By Hostin Marvin


This is from Me to You.

This very day I come in a new style, a style of letting you know how hard life can be without a friend like you…. However much we fall and rise, that should not take away that we are two lover birds.

Yes! trials come and we fail to resist as the spirit of anger overwhelms our sincerity. I would just let you reflect back how hard it were for us to be together, but Alas!! Thank God Patience paid us and we had to end up together as what was meant to be shall always be. I call it destiny.

Regardless of all the trials, temptations, tribulations we have passed through, I would like to inform you that I still can’t be without your love – without you being right by my side. For the scene of bravery shall always bind us together with cords that can’t be broken. Think of how far we have gone and yet where we are going and just rub off your minds a statement that you shall let it all end in vain.

My love, as great philosophers said that “the course of true love never did run smooth, not even with the most inspired couple.” However much at times you should always let go of what you can’t change, they can be mend. Always know that apologising costs nothing but saves much, it is the simplest way to relieve guilty and restore friendship among individuals.

If our love really stands on the grounds of truth, faithfulness, consistency and sincerity then we have to always sit, discuss to overcome the power of anger that let us be just like mad itself. And however hard we try to be true but on our way, we must stumble and at times fall but by the power of Jesus Christ himself gives us we shall stand again and move like nothing ever happened.

My love, you should never leave room for mockery from the onlookers, for they shall always wait for whom to devalue or irritate on. For one day in will be long gone forever not even more of my jokes, laughter, cries or irritations shall be heard of anywhere in the world, life is just like that , death is the fact of life, So enjoy my company as much as you can before I go to meet my judgement……….

I promise to always be there for you, and thanks for being a good friend, keep blessed and loved.

By Hostin Marvin.


The life we live is very short. So as you live it,strive to achieve what you can. Love like you have never been loved before. Smile as if it is your first time.

Dance tirelessly. Sing as if God can hear your song, pray tirelessly. Endure hardships and receive them with joy and not sorrow. Perseverance is worth a try. Encourage those who are in low spirits. Serve others without grumbling.

Help those in need wholeheartedly and surely, your father in heaven who sees your heart will reward and bless you abundantly. God bless you.

By Hostin Marvin


To some of us, He is a Father, Adviser, a friend and everything you would think of.

He is an artist, a religious person with a kind heart . His absence in our lives makes everything null and void.

But his presence ensures continuity and happiness. Before we were born,He knew us, He made us shine just like diamonds in the sky. He is the man of great work and success .

He is a living God and His life Endures forever.

By Hostin Marvin

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